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Lior Gilboa. Co-CEO.     Lior Gilboa is an expert in anti-terror warfare, and has taken pa

Yoav Barzilay


Lior Gilboa. 

Menny Barzilay

Development Director   


Yoav Barzilay A former fighter in the paratrooper unit of the IDF. Served for 30 years in the special forces of the Israel Police. Yoav was the weapons developer of this unit for many years. For his special contribution to the security of the country, Yoav received from the Prime Minister the service badge for life's work, in the development of weapons. Over the past decades, he has developed hundreds of products in the field of rescue, rescue, rescue and combating terrorism. Developments that are used by anti-terrorist units and infantry units, around the world.

Lior Gilboa is an expert in anti-terror warfare, and has taken part in dozens of special operations in the field, during many years of service in the IDF's "OKETS" unit, and decades of reserve service in elite IDF's units.

Therfor, Gilboa brings to BAR-1years of unique military experience, along with many years of management experience,

extensive activity and good connections in the corridors of Parliament, years of activity in the United States, and a broad legal and economic education.

is an internationally known cyber security expert and                              entrepreneur. He is a strategic advisor to leading enterprises around the world, as well as States and Governments and sits on the advisory board of several startup companies..


 co-founded several companies, including Cytactic, FortyTwo Global and FortyTwo Labs (R&D center India). Additionally, he is the CTO of the Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center at Tel-Aviv University. Menny also founder THINK:CYBER a successful cyber security newsletter with subscribers from all around the world. 


 is a former CISO in the intelligence services of the Israeli Defense Forces (Capt. Res.) and held several tech-related managerial positions in the largest Israeli banking group.

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